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aqw how to play

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aqw how to play

Post by dark_byte on Sat Jan 03, 2009 6:44 am

World Interaction
Depending on your preference, you can choose to use High, Medium, or Low graphics. Running high graphics will give great visuals, while running low ones will be a bit fuzzier but might allow you to move faster and better help your computer take the load off AQW.
You can choose your graphic quality using the “options” interface in-game.
Valencia has full information in her tutorial in-game.

How do I move around?
This game is a fully integrated interface. If you click anywhere on the screen, your character will attempt to move in that direction. There are exceptions to this: if you try to move into the same space that another player is, you will not be able to pass directly over them. Your character will have to move slightly to the side in order to get somewhere. The same holds true for obstacles in the world, such as trees, fences, rocks, monsters, etc...

Direction of travel (next map) is indicated by arrows on the ground – they tell you which directions have more content. Simply run towards the edge of your current screen and you will automatically move into that screen once you have reached the end of your current one.

How do I go to different places?
There are 2 ways to travel in the game. You can use the Map to travel to any available place, or you can use the /join command.
Our main towns are Battleon and Swordhaven
Each town also has other areas to visit: cellars, attics, Towers, shops are just a few of them!

There are also several shops or building that are open:

Yulgar's Inn -found in the AQW main town – "Battleon"
You can visit "room 42" for hairstyle/color/eye color changes and the upstairs bathroom
You also have access to Yulgar's Cellar
Offers weapon enhancements to level 8, and Helm/Pet/Cape/Armor enhancements
Offers “upgrade” enhancements – to level 10.

The Guardian Tower - also found in Battleon
You can see Guardian tower's stable, armory, war room, etc...

Helmshop – in Swordhaven. (to the Left)
Here you can purchase helms and access Helm/Pet/Cape/Armor enhancements.

Blacksmith – in Swordhaven (to the Right)
Low level weapons – levels 1 / 3 / 5.
Offers weapon enhancements to level 8, and Helm/Pet/Cape/Armor enhancements

Explore every town and area thoroughly – you never can tell what you'll find!

Orcs and Skeletons and Zardmen, Oh My!
While in towns or peaceful screens, you will be safe from attack. Once you leave Battleon, though, you will encounter different monsters! Currently, all areas require you to choose to enter combat with the monsters, however, there will be “aggro” zones in the future....and THEY will attack YOU!

Help! I've fallen and I can't get up! (How to recover health and what to do if you die)
If your health is low, simply type in /rest to your message screen. This will cause your character to kneel on the ground and recover health and mana a little bit at a time . You will continue to kneel even after your health is full until you engage in another action.

If you are dead (your health is 0), your screen will have a blue tint and you will see after several seconds a white bar and a message on the right side of your screen: "Respawn". Simply click on that and you will magically live again! You will respawn at the entry point to the zone in which you died.

Emotes (dance partay!)
Emotes are pre-programmed actions that your characters can use to convey emotion, ideas, or just have fun. The ones below have Avatar animation included! In order to use them, simply type in certain commands (usually /) into your message box.
Here are a few to get you started:

/dance and /dance2
/laugh or /lol

I don't see the emote that I want!
Have no fear! You can get creative and make your own custom emotes using:
** These emotes do not have Avatar (your character) animation, and will appear in Green in the Chatpane.

Game Rating?
AQWorlds has been given an ESRB rating of 10+.
However, keep in mind that due to the chat system, in-game atmosphere may change at any time. The report system is there for any serious issues, but remember – use /ignore first.
Many of the reports we are receiving would be better served by simply ignoring that specific player.


Player interaction
How do I talk to other players?
The most basic way to talk to other players is to click on the message box at the bottom lefthand side of your screen [insert image here] and then hit "send." This will send a public message to everyone who is in your current screen and sometimes the adjacent screen.
Chat is restricted to Members and verified players only – however, the Safiria server has open chat to all who have confirmed their email – even if they have not upgraded in any of our games.

What if I want to talk to someone that I can't currently see or send someone a private message?
In order to send a message to someone that you cannot see or to send someone on your screen a message that only they can see, you'll need the following "tell" commands:
If the player has a space in their name, typing
player name >
The ">" character will automatically reformat the text entry panel the way "/w playername" does, except that it preserves spaces in the player's name.
(will show “To: player name”)
If someone has sent you a message, you may quick reply using:
This will only send a message to the person who last sent you a private message.

I can't scroll up to see more messages?
You can use your mousewheel to scroll up to see any missed messages. However, only a certain number of lines remain in the buffer – you won't be able to scroll up more than 7 lines.

Can I engage in battle with other players?
Yes you can! Unlike previous AE games, you will be able to fight alongside your friends, not computer versions of them! Simply choose where you would all like to go as a hunting or war party and all go there. Click on the same monster, and start hitting away!

To avoid the phenomenon of Kill Stealing, all players who are active in a battle will receive the same equipment drops. If you are not on a quest, you will not get a quest drop, even though others may.

Nono. I meant can I fight other players?
Since this is an interactive world, the possibility of PvP (player vs. player) battles is present. However, the current world does not have this functionality. Please limit your warrior spirit to beating up monsters for now.

What if I want to make a clan?
Currently, we do not know what capabilities will be put into the game itself in terms of organizing clans. If you want to meet up with people on the forums when the game opens again, you can certainly either pm them or put something into your signature. The best place for clan advertising is down in the Clans and Clubs section of the Gaming Community boards. We are currently working out a compromise for how clans will function on the forums to best suit the needs of the players. We will announce when a formal policy has been set down.

Clans advertising is not allowed in any form, either in the game or on the forums. Recruiters will be warned and their clans punished for misconduct. Please refrain from doing this.


Useful Links and Help Functions
On the forums:
Adventure Quest Worlds MMO Forums
AQW Board Rules
AQW General Game Discussion Forums - Generally discuss the game here! All the DNs, announcements are in here!
AQW Bugs Forums - Are things buggy in the game? Help us catch gremlins here!
AQW Encyclopedia - Looking for the most detailed info on everything in the game? Look no further!
Topic Suggestions - Since the boards are currently reply only, please let us know topics you would like to see open here. Not for questions please!
There are currently no boards outside of these two. Please be patient while they come up.
A guide on how to clear your cache.

From the game: or
Design Notes - Keep up to date on the latest news!
Basic How to Play from AE
Create a new account!
Password Recovery! - Forgot your password? Recover it here! (The email will be sent to the current email on your AQWorlds account - make sure you always have a valid email listed!)
Manage your current account - Need to change your email? Need to change your password? Go here to fix it yourself!
Verify Guardian, Verify Dragonlord, Verify Star Captain


In-game Moderation
All AE staff will be visible in the game by the Gold color of their names.

If someone is telling you that they are game staff, if they don't have a Gold name, then they are not.
Never give out your password - no staff member will EVER ask you for it.

If you find that there are players violating game policies, you may report this misconduct. Do this via the in-game reporting system - remember that the report system is for serious issues only. The /ignore function should always be your first resort.
You can access both the report and ignore/unignore features via the Avatar panel in the top right of the screen (after you click on that player)
Avatar Panel

Please do not pm game staff with bugs as they will find themselves unable to respond or carry out their other jobs when inundated with reports. Please use the forums Bugs section for that!
Archknights on the forums are not game staff or forum staff. In the game, they are regular players, just like everybody else.
In-Game moderators also have the ability to send global messages. If you find that you are seeing [Moderator] messages, then they are for everyone on the server, not just you. Red messages are automatically triggered by the server - if you trigger the filter, or are being told how to use a feature.


Helpful Troubleshooting Tips:
Here are a few common problems, and how to deal with them. If you think you have encountered a Bug, be sure to post all the information required in the AQW Bugs forum.

1) I can't log in!
This is a common problem that many encounter. In some cases, it is an issue with your internet connection. In others, the most common problem is that a firewall is blocking the game. If a message comes up that the server is down, or shows that it is restricted to Staff only, then we are in the midst of rolling out new game builds or content.

2) How do I confirm my email?
Our help pages have all the information about this issue:

1. Go to
2. Login to the Account Management Login
3. Click on Newsletter
4. If it says Status Unconfirmed, Click on Resend Email
5. You will see the message:
Confirmation email has been successfully sent to your email address.
Be sure to check your spam or junk folders in case the email has been diverted into a different folder.

3) My verification isn't working!
If you are certain that every piece of information that you entered is correct, then try verifying again. If you are getting a message that your Game account has already been used to verify AQWorlds, please provide the following information:
1. PayPal transaction ID for AdventureQuest Upgrade/DragonFable upgrade/MechQuest upgrade
2. AQ/DF or MQ User Name
3. AQ/DF or MQ Email Address
4. AQW User Name
5. AQW Email Address
This information can be provided to the Game Staff via the Help pages located at:

4) Why have I stopped getting experience points?
This means that you have hit the level cap, which is currently 20.

5) My account is locked! Help!
Currently, the in-game reporting system is quite functional as many players have learned! If your account was locked, this means that you have violated some rule of conduct that you agreed to when you first signed up for the game. Each time a ban is done in-game, you will receive an email detailing the length of your ban. If you find your account locked, be sure to check your email first, before contacting the AQWorlds Help Team


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