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aqw encyclopedia

Post by dark_byte on Sat Jan 03, 2009 6:40 am

This repository is a preliminary encyclopedia of sorts, featuring everything that was found in the alpha game with images. This is a very rudimentary 'pedia and now in Gamma with new releases all the time it will naturally be missing some things. Please help me by replying with info that you notice I am missing Very Happy specific images (of something itself - not the entire screen) would be fabulous as well! Of course, credit shall be given to all those who contribute in a helpful manner Smile Thanks in advance!

Helmets and Capes

For Info Submission Please Use The Following Formats:

Please be as specific as you can. And if you give me images of monsters, please just have them standing there, not with their heads bashed in Smile Try to have images as stationary as possible.

Also, for all armour entries, please tell me info in the following format:

[link=url]Image Linked Armour Name[/link] (Member Only)[/b]<-- delete this part if all players can equip the weapon!
Price: xxx Gold
Sellback: xxx Gold
Starting Weapon:
Special Abilities:
*Abilites Go Here*
Picture of Male & Female Versions of armor here.
Thanks to

For all entries, please follow the following formats:

For Monsters:

[link=url]Image Linked Monster Name[/link]
Total HP:
Quest Items Dropped:
Equipment Dropped:
Thanks to

Damage calculation guide for monsters: Thanks to Nightly


Monster Damage - How to find

To find the damage of a Monster you can do two things. One of said thing is to attack the monster and depending on the level of its attack you can say the exact minimum and maximum of its attack. The other way that you can do this is by finding out the minimum and maximum and then rounding up for the maximum, or rounding down for the minimum. If you are rounding up or down then round it to the nearest multiple of 5.

Example: Monster A
Attack - Slash, damage 37-44

This is an example of option 1.

Example Two: Monster A (same monster)
Attack - Slash, damage 35-45

This is an example of option 2.

Please note that some monsters have more than one attack. Critical hits are NOT in the attack damage.

Note: If you have an item and it's description is cut off move your cursor over the description and scroll down. There will always be more words.
Thanks to Nightly

For Weapons:

[link=url]Image Linked Weapon's Name[/link] (Member Only)[/b] <-- delete this part if all players can equip the weapon!
Price: xxx Gold
Sellback: xx x Gold
Base Level:
Base Damage:
Thanks to

For Locations:

[link=url]Image linked location name[/link] (please link the main page as you teleport there and put further images at the end) (Member Only)[/b] <-- delete this part if not needed
How to get there
Available Buildings/Shops
Thanks to

For Quests:

Name: (Member Only)[/b] <-- delete this part if all players can visit the location!
Quest: (the quest description you get before accepting/declining a quest)
Quest Location:
Items Required:
Item Location:
Rewards: xxx Gold, xxx Exp
Thanks to

For NPCs:

[link=url]Name of NPC[/link]
Location-Thanks to

For Helmets and Capes

[link=url]Helm or Cape name[/link] (Member Only)[/b] <-- delete this part if all players can equip the pet !
Description: (color custom) <-- delete this part if is not color customisable!
Price: xxx Gold
Sellback: xxx Gold
Base Level:
Thanks to

For Pets:

[link=url]Name of Pet[/link] (Member Only)[/b] <-- delete this part if all players can equip the pet!
Description: xxx.
Price: xxx Gold
Sellback: xxx Gold
Thanks to

Tips for taking screenshots for the Encyclopedia:
(Thanks to Flamethrower, Nightly, and Viking_Jorun)
1) If it's an item from a shop, press the blue globe in the bottom-right area of the decription area. This should bring up a "preview screen." Take a screen shot of the previewed item, but before you do, exit out of the shop so that it would not interfere with the picture.
2) For a monster or a NPC, go to the zone where the monster/NPC is take a picture of it with no obstructions at all. Ex. no other players in it. Just the monster/NPC.
3) Alternatively you can zoom in by clicking on "View" on your browser toolbar or clicking Ctrl +
4) Make sure, whenever you are taking the screenshot, that there is nothing obstructing the view of the screenshot, and stay away from the bottom left side, as that is where the text is, the text you shouldn't have in your screenshot.
5) Also, make sure it is on High Quality when taking the screenie, as low quality pictures don't show the item as well.
6) For any screenshot, make sure you can see all of the item/monster/npc/etc that you are taking a screenshot of. IE, don't take a picture of a Zardman, with only his feet showing.
7) Also, don't resize the picture afterwards, as it will warp the looks of said item/person/etc.
I suggest hosting on
9) Lastly, posting it should be like this: [link=TheLinkGoesHere]Name of item/thing[/link] With the "Code" tags around it.
Copy + paste this for quick usage:

[link=Link goes here]Name of item/thing goes here[/link]

Explanation for what the coloured tags mean:

(Member Only) This means that only those who have upgraded can use this item. You can still recieve items with this tag if you are a non-member. Also, if you were once a member and you used an item with this tag and you are now a non-member you can not use this item.

(Founder Only) This tag means you had to upgrade during the first month or so of being able to upgrade. Only members that did upgrade during that time period are allowed to have this item. So far on the Platinum Dragon.

This means that it can no longer be found or purchased. Sorry!


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