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=AQW= (Dis)accomplishments

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=AQW= (Dis)accomplishments

Post by dark_byte on Sat Jan 03, 2009 6:38 am

Have you beaten a monster lately? Have you gotten some new items? Made a nifty new weapon? Have you lost when the monster had 1 hp left? Were you two gold away from buying that item today?
Anything and everything that makes you proud or extremely grumpy belongs in here! This is not a place for conversations but rather for declaring to the world you accomplishment or dis-accomplishment as the case may be. Here are a few ground rules to set up so that we are all on the same page!

Short and Sweet
1) Universal Rules apply
2) No extended conversations
3) No flaming, trolling, harassment, etc...
4) No "woot! first post!!11" type entries
5) No embedded images/videos.
6) No asking for account sharing/donation/verification/etc...
7) No posting "I can't get online" - if you are experiencing problems, go to Bugs instead to get it looked at!

Long and Detailed
1) All board and universal apply; this means no more than three smileys per post, no all caps, no excessive numbers of exclamation marks/question marks, etc...
2) Since there are various Design Note threads to deal with extended conversations, we ask that you don't engage others in this thread. You can discuss things either via pm or in the appropriate thread. Especially on things to do with Clans/Clubs, please use the C&C forum, rather than threads here in AQW.
3) People who post here have the right to be ecstatic, depressed, angry, etc.. within reason so as to not offend the sensibilities of others. Please do not ever flame/troll/harass another person for any reason. Everyone has a right to be proud of him/herself, regardless of how mundane you may find the accomplishment or disaccomplishment. Remember that we all start out at the same place.
4) The entries here should really only relate to AQW, the game itself. "woot! first post!" - while a valid happy emotion to have, doesn't really relate to the game in any way Smile Anything that you suspect may be bugs, please use the bugs forum to report.
5) Because it can be tough to load images (and we can't embed videos in general) for those with slower internet connections, we ask that you be considerate of others and only post a link to your visual proof of your (dis)accomplishment.
6) Account sharing is against the Terms and Conditions that you agreed to when you signed up. Please don't share accounts (for gameplay, verification or other purposes).

Enjoy the game! Very Happy


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